… remember.

[…] A long new period begins in my life. I examine my every thought, my every
word, my every deed. I reflect and watch to see whether, at the right time and
in the right place, I am really giving expression to the divine, and not to the
satanic. And in this constant watchfulness, this continuous self-observation, I
discover how undisciplined and unbridled and sensual—in a word how
personal—I still am. How much longer is it going to take me to reach the point
where I don’t allow myself to be overpowered by passions, where I no longer
identify myself with my external impressions, but always remain master of all
my physical, spiritual and mental forces?
During this period of my preparation for initiation I spend only my
mornings in the temple, coming back to the palace after my physical and
spiritual exercises. In the afternoon I take part in public life. Excursions by
ship and chariot alternate with travel and inspection trips to various
But these excursions and the conversations centring around them really
bore me stiff. It isn’t that I don’t like company, oh no! I enjoy very much being
with people, but with people who are my kin and who have something to say.
But these people are so different from us who have our lineage from the Sons
of God. Of course we too have human blood and our race too is no longer
pure, but we consciously live in the spirit and are not so materialistic as the
sons of men. It’s almost as if they had completely forgotten that they, in their
selves, are free spirits and that their body is only an instrument for the
manifestation of their spirit.
These people are so identified with their body that they live in the illusion
they are only body. When their body needs food, they believe they want to
eat, they are hungry, and instead of taking in food under the watchful
supervision of the spirit, they act as if they themselves were eating, rather
than merely being observers and governors of their body. They eat just as
greedily as animals. I watch them during ‘feeding time’ and often feel like
turning my head away so as not to see their beastly behaviour. I too let my
body eat with good appetite; I too supply my stomach and digestive organs
with pure forces, getting all the taste of the food I eat so that my body can
absorb all the precious forces in the food— but how could I identify myself
with this? My self can’t be hungry, since the self is not matter but the master
of matter. It’s true my consciousness receives a message from the body to the
effect that it needs nourishment, and I’m aware of this message in the form of
a feeling of hunger. But the self in me neither eats nor drinks. How could I
forget even for a moment that these functions are only necessary in order to
maintain the body in health? The only thing my self really has to do with all of
this is to observe watchfully and control what enters the body and see to it
that teeth and tongue do their work properly.
I can never understand how people, after eating like beasts, can say
something like, ‘My, but that tasted good to me!’ To whom did it taste good?
Don’t such people know that it tasted good to their palates? These poor
people are such slaves of their physical desires … We simply don’t understand
each other. But father and Ptahhotep say it’s our duty to remain among them
and awaken higher desires and aims within them. And all the while father
knows that the people of rank within his court are mostly only interested in
how and where they can get a well-paid position, so they can get rich as
quickly as possible and satisfy their hunger for power.
And another thing—these sons of men go hunting for wild animals, using
their intelligence to kill innocent animals—and they’re even proud about it!
They should be ashamed! These people are worse than the animals they hunt.
Animals only kill because of hunger! But people kill for passion’s sake,
because killing—war and hunting give them pleasure. But father says that
people are still undeveloped and we mustn’t judge them by our own
Another thing—these people attach endless importance to their family tree.
When a person has one ancestor more from the lineage of the Sons of God
than someone else has, he mentions it as often as possible, and shows
contempt for others with less brilliance in their ancestry. That’s why they pay
so much attention to the family a daughter is descended from, and the family
of the young man she marries. How ridiculous! As if they didn’t really know
that earthly life is only a journey between being born into the body and
leaving it at death, whereas the self is the same in every living creature. Only
the body can have a ‘lineage’. The level on which a person stands is
determined only by the level of his own intelligence. Often enough, a person
with several ancestors from the lineage of the Sons of God still has a lower
degree of intelligence than someone else with far fewer forefathers in the
divine race.
When I’m among these people, I feel as if I were among the dead. They
seem to move, speak, eat, drink and carry out functions of the living merely
because natural forces are at work within them. But where is the conscious
spirit that controls and guides these natural forces, not only in the body, but
also outside in the universe? They don’t know they have the ability to guide
these creative forces. They’re so blind they see only the external form of
people, and they haven’t the faintest idea that I can read their thoughts, their
feelings, see their whole soul, their inner being. They lie to my very face for
the simple reason that, not being able to read my thoughts, they believe that I
can’t see theirs either, and that I don’t know their thoughts are very different
from what they say. They don’t realize that a lie creates a kind of insulation
around them and develops a dark shadow, like smoke, in their radiation, and
this dark blotch is not only ugly, but even smells bad. My pet lions are quick to
smell the foul scent of these liars. Whenever one of them comes near, they
start to wrinkle their nose, then get up, give the person concerned a
contemptuous glance, and stalk off majestically. But with no such easy way to
defend myself, I have to keep on talking with such people just as if I didn’t
clearly see their hypocrisy—and even smell it!
It’s much more pleasant to be alone with father. He’s had a charming house
built for the two of us, in a shady garden by the seashore. Whenever he has
some free time, we go there by boat on the Nile, taking only a minimum of
servants. This gives us a magnificent rest, coupled with deep enjoyment of the
endless sea and the peace of each other’s company.
Father and I both love the sea—that great mother of the earth—with
childlike devotion. We’re both of us so very happy in our little house by the
seashore, and our life there is closely linked in many ways to the sea itself.
Here we experience perfect liberty, immortality, eternity …
We take advantage of every opportunity to be close to the sea. We go for
walks together along the seashore. We go looking for mussels together, and
sometimes we take a little boat and row out quite far, all by ourselves. There’s
an immensity about the beauty of the sea when the air is calm and the water
beneath us is as smooth as a mirror. But there’s something just as grand about
being out among all the waves when the wind’s blowing them up high, and we
feel all the exhilaration of being hoisted skyward by the crest of one wave,
then sliding down into the trough of the next. We strip off our clothes, jump
into the cool water, and swim about our boat.
Once, after such an invigorating swim, as we were sitting on the beach, I
asked father: ‘How is it possible that people can be so blind to spiritual truth?
What’s going to happen to the world when the government gets into the hands
of the sons of men, as Ptahhotep once told me it would? I’m frightened even
to think of the consequences of the dominion’s passing into the hands of selfseeking
people obsessed with a craving for power. I’m beginning to be able to
sense what’s coming in the future. My exercises in the temple are awakening
my inner sight, and my powers of clairvoyance are growing from day to day,
but still I don’t see everything as clearly as Ptahhotep and you.’
For a long time father sits looking out over the water. Finally he says: ‘Yes,
the earth must go through a very difficult period for many thousands of years.
As you already know, the pure-blooded Sons of God all departed from this
earthly plane long ago. And their sons who have been born as a cross between
the two races but who still carry within themselves the possibility of perfectly
divine manifestation, are also gradually disappearing from the face of the
earth. ‘In order for the higher powers to be propagated through hereditary
channels when the pure-blooded Sons of God had already departed from the
earth, their sons, who had inherited their abilities from their fathers and who
had achieved initiation, again took daughters of men as their wives, and this
went on and on for generations until this intermarrying had penetrated into
all levels of life in both races. ‘But as long as the waves of creative force are
moving in the direction of further materialization, the earthly element always
plays the dominant role in heredity. For this reason, less and less descendants
of the Sons of God—with their original elongated cranial form and their
capacity for manifesting higher abilities—are being born on earth.
Nevertheless, in accordance with the laws of heredity, this continual
intermarrying has made it possible for a pure-blooded Son of God to
reincarnate himself at any time—even in the darkest, most materialistic
period in human development. For the time is coming when only people with
short heads will be born and will move into positions of ruling power all over
the earth, even here in Egypt! They won’t have the spiritual vision and
wisdom of the present dynasty that has come down from the higher race, and
instead of governing their people with selfless love, they will rule only with the
intellect, with blind, crude craving for power, and with unmitigated
‘As you know, the continual intermarriages between the Sons of God and
the daughters of men have gradually led to the development of a hybrid race
which is passing on the inherited characteristics of both races. There are
numerous individuals who, although they have human blood, still have the
elongated cranial form, and thus have inherited all the spiritual and psychic
powers of their paternal forebears. But according to the laws of heredity, this
continual intermarrying will result in more variations of different individuals
even in the same family, but less and less individuals with inherited
characteristics from the divine lineage. Even today there are cases where,
among several sons in a given family, one is still quite divinely spiritual,
another already quite physically human, and a third can easily be a mixture of
both. The relationship between those with higher and those with lower
characteristics is shifting constantly towards those with the lower
characteristics. No wonder men orientated towards the physical very often
nurse a bitter hatred towards their brothers who have inherited divinely
spiritual characteristics. All too often, this hatred leads to tragic clashes.
‘Nevertheless, as a result of still further intermarrying and in accordance
with the laws of heredity, the high knowledge of the initiates will penetrate
deeper and deeper into the people and wider and wider throughout the entire
population. As ever more variations and differentiations arise, the time will
come when every human being will have the possibility of reaching the
highest degree of knowledge and initiation. This intermarrying, going on for
many thousands of years, will eventually obliterate the differences we now
feel to be so tremendous between the omniscient members of the ruling
family and the completely ignorant and undeveloped masses. Thus in time,
the people and their rulers will become equal as people. In their pure form
both of these two races, the Sons of God and primitive man, will gradually
disappear completely, but there will always be some individual born on
different levels of development. In some of them the inherited characteristics
of their divine ancestors will be manifested to a greater degree, while in others
the primitive human characteristics will be dominant.
‘In this way everyone will have characteristics inherited from both sides,
and the races will be so thoroughly blended that people can no longer be
distinguished by racial characteristics but only on the basis of traits of
character and abilities. Generally speaking, people with higher abilities will
have exactly the same cranial form as other people but still stand out above
the masses as great scientists or artists, philosophers or mystics. Both the
elongated head form of the Sons of God and the short, ape-like head form of
primitive man will have disappeared completely. In the hybrid race the brain
and nerve centres serving for the manifestation of higher spiritual and psychic
abilities will be in an undeveloped, latent state for many thousands of years.
Accordingly, people’s heads will be roundish in form. On the other hand
people in this hybrid race will develop extensively the brain centres serving
the intellect, and their future generations will thus have high, arched
‘Just as the waves of spiritual force emanating from the higher race will
reach larger and larger numbers of people as a result of this intermarrying
until they reach people of the lowest level and make it possible for them too to
have knowledge, in the same way worldly dominion will pass into the hands of
people on lower and lower levels. In their ignorance, of course, they will first
destroy the great divine cultures which the Sons of God have built up in
various parts of the earth. Only a few remnants and ruins of the great
buildings and monuments we have today will be left as silent witnesses to tell
of the knowledge, wisdom, goodness and beauty that once reigned on earth.
As time goes on people will only know through their legends about the
omnipotence and omniscience of the great “white magicians” and “initiates”;
but since these people will be ignorant themselves, they’ll go along for
thousands of years believing, in their pride and arrogance, that these legends
are only fairy tales.
‘The continual hybridization process going on between the two races has
created a kind of “ladder of development” on which even the lowest level of
primitive man can climb upward. Animal-like people themselves are nothing
else but pure spirits which have fallen far down into matter and which,
having lost their divine consciousness in matter, are no longer aware of their
high parentage. In order to give them the possibility of regaining their
consciousness on the highest plane, the Sons of God made the great sacrifice
of putting their strength into marriages with the daughters of men. With these
marriages, however, they’ve anchored themselves in the material world and
are obliged to go through the whole developmental process up to the complete
spiritualization of the earth in the capacity of helpers, some of them in human
reincarnations and some of them in the bodiless spiritual state.
‘The level of the ruling class will sink lower and lower, and the dominant
power will shift from one country to another. Continual wars raging on earth
will lead to ignorance, poverty and misery.
‘The last initiates will refuse to turn over to these people the devices and
equipment through which they control the forces of nature and the
tremendous creative forces that operate in secret. Before they leave the
earthly plane for thousands of years they will destroy all their instruments.
One of the last initiates, who will come forth out of a different people from
ours but who will nevertheless grow up here in Egypt and receive initiation,
will salvage one such instrument, taking it with him out of Egypt, and for a
time the priests of his people will be able to keep the secret. But the time will
come when the last initiate will have to leave the earth, and he will destroy the
last instruments. He will have to do it to keep the ignorant sons of men from
destroying each other, themselves and—through chain reactions—whole
Continents again, purely as a result of their passion for power and
possessions. The destruction which once overtook the home of the Sons of
God must never be repeated.
‘After all the initiates’ instruments are destroyed and their high knowledge
has passed from the earth, people will have to till the soil with their own
physical force, and they’ll even have to cut stones with their own hands, just
as primitive man did! They’ll also have to suffer the tyranny of fellow human
beings from within their own race. However, since everything that manifests
itself on the earthly plane arises through forces originating in the indivisible
unity and striving for equilibrium, the tyranny of self-seeking rulers will
awaken people out of their unconscious state. Through pain and suffering
their attention will be guided to higher, spiritual truth.
‘Spiritual leaders of the earth must leave humanity apparently alone
because people are to discover divine truth in themselves and in nature,
standing on their own feet, using their own will, independent of outside help.
If this were not so they would never have the opportunity of climbing up to
the highest level. But just as a good mother helps her child to learn to walk
alone so that it can develop independence, while all the time she watches from
a distance, ready to help it up again after a fall, in the same way the spiritual
powers guiding the earth are ready to intervene whenever necessary to help
humanity out of difficult situations. They are active on the spiritual plane,
guiding and leading humanity from there. Whenever, instead of knowledge,
ignorance and error and superstition gain control on earth—whenever
spiritual darkness is so great that it threatens to get completely out of hand,
there will always be some of the Sons of God ready to make the great sacrifice
of descending to earth, being reborn in a human body, and in this way
bringing divine light and consolation to humanity.
‘Through the intermarriages between the divine race and the human, the
inheritable divine characteristics will be propagated among the people. In this
way it will always be possible for a Son of God, through a pure woman, to
receive a body with all the organs he needs to manifest himself completely. In
every epoch throughout the development of the earth through many
thousands of years the Sons of God will incarnate themselves in order to teach
people the laws of the spirit, love and selflessness, and in order to carry out
the most varied tasks. Even though dominion will rest in human hands all
over the earth, there will still be some rulers who will reign with wisdom and
justice and build up high civilizations on earth, or at least in parts of the earth.
Others, coming as scientists, artists and mystics, will bring humanity the
highest art, music and literature. They will bring the world new ideas and new
discoveries in order to guide the earth’s development in new directions. For
the most part, these Sons of God will live a very lonely life, often in the most
abj ect poverty and abandoned by their fellows, for there will only be very few
people who can understand them. Nevertheless, their spiritual light will reach
out in ever-greater waves, into ever-wider circles. The names of these spiritual
giants will be known for thousands of years, and people will study their works
hi the highest schools of the sons of men.
‘Then, too, there will be reincarnated Sons of God working secretly within
humanity. They’ll find places to live in the high mountains, in caves, or in
other remote regions where, undisturbed in their retreats, they can send forth
extremely high forces into the atmosphere of the earth. People who have
already developed to such a point that they can receive these spiritual waves
will automatically establish spiritual links with these Sons of God, and work
together with them. Often they will not even be aware of this spiritual link. On
the contrary, for all they’ll know, they will merely be acting on the basis of
their own “inner conviction”, not knowing that this “inner conviction” is
divine power transmitted from the Sons of God. In this way some highly
developed people will transmit and proclaim to all humanity the teachings
which the Sons of God will bring to earth from time to time. Although the
masses won’t be able right away to understand these high truths, they’ll feel
the love and power inherent within them, and for this reason they’ll believe in
them. That is how religions will come into being from the divine teachings of
the Sons of God.
‘All the Sons of God have always brought and always will bring the same
truth into different parts of the earth, but people will interpret it differently
depending on the characteristics of their race and their degree of
development. These different interpretations, as they get passed on to later
generations, will give rise to different religions all springing from the same
truths. One and the same Son of God will reincarnate himself at different
times and in different places of the earth in order to proclaim the highest
truth to humanity. And from the same truth proclaimed by the same spirit,
people in different parts of the earth will develop different religions. Because
of such differences arising merely from human ignorance, people will make
war upon each other, trying to send each other to hell “in the name of God”.
‘The degree of development reached by people in different nations at any
given time will vary greatly, and the reincarnated Sons of God will
consequently receive widely varying kinds of treatment. In some countries,
where people are most interested in divine truth, the Sons of God will be
recognized, heard and honoured.
‘But the waves of force keep radiating outward till they reach their utmost
material limits. There will also be times in the darkest periods of earthly life,
when materialism, hate, envy, fear and terror reign, and in such times too the
Sons of God will have to return to earth and be very badly treated. Ignorant
people obsessed by a passion for power will torture and kill the Son of God.
Nevertheless he will go through with this sacrifice, thus radiating tremendous
spiritual force. The spirit in people will awaken and vanquish the darkness in
their soul. Little by little the face of the earth will be completely changed.
‘From the utmost material limits, the waves of creative force will then flow
back again, ushering in a new period of upward development. People will have
more and more opportunity to co-operate with the Sons of God in the great
divine plan for the salvation of the earth, and as time goes on they will
manifest more and more spirituality. Then masses of individuals will be
reincarnated who once were incarnate in the divine race, but who either
could not pass their tests for initiation, and died during initiation, or later fell
after having become initiates. They will again be conscious of the knowledge
they once had, and while people will still be killing each other in some parts of
the earth, there will be a constantly growing group of people receiving and
transmitting the radiations of the Sons of God, and preparing the new life of
the spirit.
‘The people descended from the lower race will also gradually climb to
higher levels. At first they will only be able to grasp with their intellect that
they are capable of better things and that they could live much more happily
on earth without killing and enslaving each other. The higher humanity
climbs, the more materialism and passion for possessions will lose their grip
on people’s lives. Little by little the passion for conquest and power will
decline, and instead of using their strength to fight each other, people will use
their abilities to harness the forces of nature. In this way they will discover
step by step that they don’t need to earn their bread through dull, difficult
drudgery, that they don’t need to water the earth with the sweat of their brow,
and that by activating their higher nerve centres they can command the forces
of nature. Thus the earth will gradually come back under the dominion of
higher waves of force, and people will not only be able to understand with
their intellect, but also to experience and realize the highest divine truths. In
this way high civilizations will develop again.
‘As long as a person identifies himself with matter—with the earth—his
consciousness is linked with the earth in a state of identity: He is earth.
Consequently, when his body loses its usefulness and dies, he dies too, that is,
his consciousness ceases and falls into a latent state. That’s what people call
‘But the situation is just the opposite with a spiritually re-awakened person
who stands above matter during his physical life. For him the fact of being
born into a body is death, whereas the death of the body means his
awakening, resurrection, life!
‘When people cease to identify themselves with their body—or to express
the matter symbolically—when they cease to eat of the fruits of the tree of the
knowledge of good and evil, manifesting only the right half of the tree of
knowledge and leaving the left half of the tree in the unmanifested state, they
will live in a paradisiacal state, in themselves and as children of the earth.
This is the stage of development humanity must reach.
‘It will be a long struggle until the earth reaches this plane of existence, but
spiritual forces gradually penetrate even into the most isolated heart, and in
the course of further thousands of years the earth will again be transformed
into the promised land. Sometime, in the far distant future, the salvation of
the earth will be accomplished!’
Father stops talking and looks out over the sea for a long time as if he had
been reading the future there.
‘Father,’ I ask, ‘will you and Ptahhotep take part in this great work? Will
you too be born again for tasks on earth during the aeons and aeons to come?
And how about me, father? What’s going to happen to me? I often see other
people’s future very clearly, but when I try to see my own, there’s only a
curtain of mist before my eyes, and I can’t see into it or through it.’
Father shoots me a very strange glance at this question. Then, putting his
arm about my shoulders and drawing me close, he gives me his answer: ‘I’ll be
reincarnated a number of times in earthly lives because, through my marriage
with your mother, I’ve put my roots down in the plane of matter, deeper than
would normally be appropriate for one of our spirit. But Ptahhotep has never
departed from his spirituality and never identified himself with his body.
When he gets through with his present task, he’ll not be born again for more
than ten thousand years. Together with a number of other Sons of God he will
continue to guide the development of the earth, working on the spiritual plane
and projecting his influence on earthly life from there.
‘Many highly developed people will be in spiritual contact with him and
cooperate with him in the great divine plan for the salvation of the earth. They
must carry out the tasks that Ptahhotep assigns them and quite
independently. As soon as they have carried out one task properly, they’ll
receive new ones and, gradually, more and more difficult ones. Through many
thousands of years people who reach spiritual maturity will also receive
initiation. They won’t be initiated in the pyramids as candidates are now, but
will simply be assigned tasks to accomplish as part of their life and work, and
these tasks will make up their initiation tests. In this way they will gradually
develop into full-fledged co-workers with the Sons of God. And working with
Ptahhotep there will also be those fallen Sons of God who identified
themselves to an excessive extent with matter, burnt out their brain and
nervous centres by transmitting excessively powerful vibrations into them,
and consequently had to be born again on even lower levels of matter.
‘Only through the experiences to be gained through several reincarnations
can these fallen Sons of God climb back to their original level of divinity.
Through lots of pain and sorrow they will have to awaken their higher brain
and nerve centres within their body on a lower level, and it will cost them
great effort and long practice to reactivate these organs and be able, once
again, to manifest spiritual and magical powers. They will never feel quite at
home among people, as their way of thinking will be quite different from that
of the mass of human beings around them, and they will never be completely
able to understand human earthly life and adapt themselves to it. They will be
strangers, travelling through life alone and misunderstood, always regarded
as somewhat queer. For the most part, as I already told you, they will have the
task of teaching people science, art and literature, and bringing new ideas to
earth. By some people who understand them, they will be respected and
revered, while by others who are forced to recognize their high gifts, they will
be objects of envy and hate.
‘Through long suffering and many sorrows these fallen sons—and
daughters —of God will be awakened from their material dream, rediscover
their relationship with their lost brothers, and re-acquire their lost cosmic
consciousness. Then they too will work together with their brothers within the
great divine plan, and proclaim divine truths on earth.’ […]

Elisabeth Haich in ‘INITIATION’